Language e-learning method Imitum is already used by 1 million users worldwide

The language method Imitum for the learning of foreign languages is already used by more than 1 million people worldwide, today announced the Kvintech solution company, a producer of this program. Teaching foreign languages with this method is easy, efficient and quick. The learning principle consists in listening to sentences and imitating native speakers. Students learn to speak, understand and think in foreign languages in a very short time. The Imitum method is based on the surveys published by the American psychologist Paul Pimsleur and the Bulgarian neurologist Georgi Lozanov, who already inspected such an effective way of learning in the 1960’s and 1970‘s. Their knowledge is used by organisations such as the FBI or CIA.

The Kvintech solution company offers another product for their users as a customer value proposition. It is an easy tool for communication abroad, which is welcomed by users of smart phones and tablets under an iOS platform. The new product Smart Phrase is a traveller’s phrasebook for anyone travelling the world and does not know foreign languages. This useful Smart Phrase application includes special topics of travel conversations in 23 different languages. It is a benefit that every language version of the traveller's phrasebook differs from each other, because it allows for specific characteristics of each country where the language is spoken (geographical, gastronomical, cultural and so on). All the languages contain 31 themes, which are frequently met in everyday life (for example greetings and introductions, weather, public transportation, dining, accommodation, banking). The chosen sentence will be shown in the application on a tablet or a smart phone display. If a user doesn’t have the courage to speak in a foreign language, the application will play the selected sentence aloud.

“We are pleased, that our product Smart Phrase has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands users of smart phones from the App Store. We have large numbers of positive responses from our satisfied customers, who appreciate especially a wide use of this application“, says Manager at Kvintech solution. “Actually, if users have the whole package of the Smart Phrase application, then they are able to make themselves understood in 215 countries in the world. The application will be appreciated mainly by students and businessmen, who travel a lot abroad. Our company is also going to launch an application for the Android platform soon.“

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