Imitum Method

Efficient and effective Language Learning

The best things for man are natural things. Naturally, people have always learned by watching and imitating. The Imitum Method is based on this simple principle (derived from Latin imitation – to imitate).

Little children learn by watching and imitating everything they see, and they learn their mother tongue like this as well. They listen to their parents and people around them, trying to understand and imitate them. It is not easy for them, but finally they learn to speak well before they learn grammar at school. It is the same with foreign language studies – just listen and imitate (see for example Paul Pimsleur).

The Imitum method is based on this simple, natural principle, and contrary to the classical methods using grammar and translations usually taught in schools, this method requires no memorising.

Imitum is suitable for self-taught learners of all levels – for beginners as well as for advanced learners.


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